Nota Sab, 25 Ene 2014

Urban Terror 4.2.018 Release

Get ready! 4.2.018 will be released tonight Saturday January 25 at 22:00 CET. This release has the potential fix to the fps drops so we have worked hard to get it out before the Nations Cup starts on Monday.


• New g_gear restriction code. It now uses weapon/item letters so you can disable whatever weapon or item you want.
• Changed the medic badges back to the caduceus.
• Solved FPS drops introduced in 016/017 client.
• Fixed the issues with auth_owners.
• Fixed the "auth string output overrun" issue.
• Solved 'callvote map' problem where results can be unpredictable.
• Fixed client number in callvote server log entry.
• Fixed callvote kick bug.
• More checks for pure servers.

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