Nota Dom, 22 Dic 2013

4.2.017 Release is Here!

• Fixed teambalancer-skin bug.
• Fixed chat overflow bug (was overflowing on the team overlay)
• Fixed the flag capture time.
• New cvar: cg_drawFlagCaptureTime (0: no time shown, 1: time in seconds, 2: time in seconds and milliseconds)
• All UrT executables are now compatible with older CPUs (no-SSE build no longer needed)
• Fixed mousewheel scrolling of console when raw-mouse was used.
• dmaHD: Sound system is on by default on the UrT executables.
• dmaHD: Fixed annoying clicks/echoes with some weapon sounds.
• dmaHD: Re-introduced all the old mixers (CVAR: dmaHD_mixer)
• Autobalance turned off by default.