Nota Vie, 20 Dic 2013

4.2.017 is Coming to Town

Ho Ho Ho!
Santa's elves have been hard at work with FrozenSand to release an update to fix the autobalancer and a few other bugs this Sunday Dec 22nd at 22:00 CET. Check the changelog to see what else has been updated.

• Fixed teambalancer-skin bug.
• Fixed chat overflow bug (was overflowing on the team overlay)
• Fixed the flag capture time.
• New cvar: cg_drawFlagCaptureTime (0: no time shown, 1: time in seconds, 2: time in seconds and milliseconds)
• All UrT executables are now compatible with older CPUs (no-SSE build no longer needed)
• Fixed mousewheel scrolling of console when raw-mouse was used.
• dmaHD: Sound system is on by default on the UrT executables.
• dmaHD: Fixed annoying clicks/echoes with some weapon sounds.
• dmaHD: Re-introduced all the old mixers (CVAR: dmaHD_mixer)
• Autobalance turned off by default.