Nota Lun, 09 Dic 2013

Urban Terror 4.2.016 Release

FrozenSand is proud to announce the release of 4.2.016 Monday Dec 9th, 2013. This update brings you not one but two sets of new skins thanks to a request by Driller. Check the changelog for bug fixes and new features.

• Fixed the bug in the Auth System that appeared in the release 4.2.015 where sometimes lag could lead to players using account names of other players
• Fixed the "badinfo" issue (many thanks to Jacepriester)
• Animation config updates
• New Dr. Pink and Dr. Blue player skins
• Correctly disable inactivity timer when g_inactivity is set to 0
• Ability to set skins per team using cg_skinfixed 0|1
• Increased minimum value of com_hunkmegs and made the error message Hunk_Alloc failed on... more understandable
• Updated Mac11 sounds
• Fix for specularity on SR8 (very noticeable on bolt cap)
• Fixed lagometer position on CTF when using Wave Respawns
• Enhanced cg_speedo CVAR: will display client speed using (1) UPS: Quake units per second, (2) KPH: Kilometers per hour, (3) MPH: Miles per hour
• Fixed killsound not being played upon HE Grenade kill and bleed out
• New sniper crosshair: cross-dot (cg_scopeSR8 | cg_scopePSG | cg_scopeG36 4)
• Fixed skeetshoot map reloaders: fix target_give not resetting state after execution
• New crosshair: cg_drawCrosshair 14 (simple cross Quake 3 style). Available in UI menu
• Fixed respawn timer being shown after map restart
• Added 0 padding in asset download time left and server list refresh time
• Added sound on weapon mode change
• Added accelerometer configurable with cg_accelero 0|1|2 and UI menu
• Added cg_accelSize CVAR to tune dedicated accelerometer size
• Fixed bots being kicked from the server for teamkilling
• Added TeamBalancer. Can be controller with g_autobalance CVAR (0 = disabled, 1 = balance every minute, 2 = every 2 minutes, etc). Works only when match mode is deactivated.
• Added g_noVest CVAR for Jump Mode: is set to 1 removes the Vest from all the players
• Added client respawn event to game log: ClientSpawn: <slot>
• Fixed impossibility to kick zombie clients off the server
• Fixed connection to full server resulting in Server is for low pings only
• dmaHD engine forced to 44Khz 16-bit stereo output
• Increased command buffer from 64KiB to 128KiB for players with large config files
• Added separate Windows executable for non-SSE2 processors
• Fixed substitute flag being resetted upon map change
• Correctly update client team overlay when /forcesub command is executed
• Added menu items in sound menu for configuring dmaHD
• Added more in-built r_mode graphics modes for wide screen monitors
• Added new wide resolutions in graphics menu
• Increased chat area width and message area width
• Hide timelimit from HUD if there are no valuable info to be displayed
• Fixed inactivity timer kicking local client thus causing all the players to be disconnected
• Added flag capture time. New log string: "FlagCaptureTime: <player id>: <time in milliseconds>"
• Major overhaul of dmaHD sound system