Nota Dom, 14 Jul 2013

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• Fixed cg_ghost not working properly
• Fixed map autocomplete with many maps
• Optional new compressed pure list format for servers with many maps (sv_newpurelist)
• Removed command /maplist: it's causing lags if the server has a lot of maps
• Disabled dmaHD by default
• Correctly lock g_stamina to be changed only in Jump Mode
• IP banlist '*' wildcards and fix for '0' in address
• Fixed mouse cursor shows up with some of the in_mouse settings
• Fixed Vote kick which was inconsistent and buggy
• Fixed player being forced to spectator on a new level
• Fix broken timers after swaproles
• Fixed broken wave respawn timer after paused game
• Fixed Colt animation mismatch
• Tuned up Glock specs
• Remove dropped items and corpses during TS warmup
• Enabled pasting text from the clipboard to other UI field